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Feb 2009
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Manila Then and Now

MANILA TRANSITIO 1945 March 7, 2009 In February of 1945, history tells us that the City of Manila was completely destroyed in a battle between the United States Armed Forces and the Japanese Imperial Army. An estimated 120,000 people were lost and our beloved City of Manila was never the same ...

Feb 2009
Manila NOW 2009

    Just a month and a few days and it will be the Philippine International Furniture Show again. We can’t wait to be there.

Jan 2009
Our Cross to Bear

Navigating through the streets of Manila always brings a mixed sense of wonderment and dread. An accidental drive through Sta. Cruz and Binondo area reintroduced me to this historic area. But for all of its rich historical and cultural past, it couldn’t be saved and what remains is a grimy ...

Oct 2008
Forgotten Heritage: A look at Quiapo and its architecture, part 1

It is an unavoidable circumstance to overlook and take for granted what is right before you, and everyone is mighty guilty of this on a daily basis. After all, objectivity is hard to maintain once you find yourself embroiled in anything at all. It takes someone from the outside to actually ...