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Sep 2016
Architecture & Landscape Architecture, Travel by Design
Chippendale Walking Tours

Booked the  September installment of Explore Chippendale Historical Walking Tours of Destination Chippendale. It was enjoyable to explore the district while learning a bit about the heritage of Chippendale and its historical surroundings. Here are some photos taken during the tour. The ...

Nov 2010
architecture, Travel by Design
Taiwan Tales

From Taipei 101, you can get on the train and find your way to the Longshan Temple Station. You are now in Taipei City’s oldest district, Wanhua District. Near the train station is the Longshan Temple (shown above) Taipei’s oldest temple.  While the architecture remains in tact, ...

Jan 2009
Art & Inspiration, interior design
Frozen in Time

Filipinos may not be a museum-going lot but it isn’t stopping anyone from putting up museums to encourage people to start visiting and start learning more about their heritage. Last weekend, we had a chance to visit one of the relatively newer museums in town, the Light and Sound Museum in ...

Jan 2009
Our Cross to Bear

Navigating through the streets of Manila always brings a mixed sense of wonderment and dread. An accidental drive through Sta. Cruz and Binondo area reintroduced me to this historic area. But for all of its rich historical and cultural past, it couldn’t be saved and what remains is a grimy ...

Nov 2008
architecture, interior design, Travel by Design
A Northern Star

The province of Ilocos is known to be the turf of many of today’s powerful political figures, but by far, the most known of this lot is also the province’s favorite son and one who has exerted much influence over the whole country—former president Ferdinand Marcos. During his rule, Marcos ...