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Jan 2011
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The Green Thing: Fantastic PETs

We stumbled upon the beautiful work of Sarah Turner who specializes in designing and hand-making lamps from used plastic bottles (and has managed to make good business of it). Based in UK, her products can also be bought online. Check them out!

May 2010
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HD Expo 2010

We know, we have been away for months already. It seems, life gets in the way of blogging and we apologize that this design blog hasn’t been getting any attention. One of our editors just moved to a new apartment and is quite busy with her baby. The other has been busy teaching and in ...

Jun 2009
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A Worthwhile Cause

Mar 2009
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The Problem of Being Green

Being a couch potato has its benefits, you get exposed to very relevant information. And by relevant information, we don’t mean the newest development in your favorite teleserye but we do mean things that can help save the planet. One of the more interesting shows in cable is Living with Ed. ...

Mar 2009
interior design, press, products, top picks
Earth friends

In this day and age, when commercialism is the name of the game and money is king, it’s sometimes way too easy to forget about the things that matter. The design world is not exempt from this. Although, heaven bless those kind-hearted souls that actually still care about things beyond the ...