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Sep 2011
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MIDEX 2011 advances avant-garde design

There is a growing awareness and appreciation among the public for things avant-garde. Already, the term avant-garde is fast becoming a buzzword in people’s lips. Much of it, perhaps, because of pop and cultural icons such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Karim Rashid, and even the late great Alexander ...

Jan 2009
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Room For Rent

“ArtSpace” by Jeni Turingan, Karen Riguerra, Clarisse Reyes “Artmosphere” by Joyce Caguicla and Brigitte Reano Compact is the new efficient. Nowadays, gadgets come in palmtop sizes, equipment are packed into collapsible forms and even living spaces equate to areas with ...

Dec 2008
industrial design, interior design
Tune-in Chair

There is more to a chair than just a piece to sit on. Brijit Reano and Joyce Caguicla , students of Mapua’s Interior Design program prove just that. They give the term “just sitting around” a whole new perspective. Named “Tune-in Chair”, their piece submitted as a culminating project ...