Tag: contemporary art

Nov 2008
Filipino Creativity

We learned about Plus63, a community blog that is dedicated to showcasing Filipino creativity from its founder Dan Matutina who is currently making a nice surprise for us (*wink*). The site features articles and entries on industry trends and provides a venue for interaction among Filipino ...

Nov 2008
Art & Inspiration
Chainsaw Art

Jacques Vigneron took this photo during his recent travel in Pennsylvania and shared it with us (thanks, Jacques!). This creature was carved using a chainsaw, one of the programs taught at Appalachian Art Studio. We can only imagine how skilled the carver must be! Appalachian Arts Studio is an ...

Nov 2008
Art & Inspiration, news
12 Pinoy Icons

Gallery 7, a two-year old modern art establishment that specializes in rendering stylized and modern executions of personal photographs, will be launching an exhibit that will be the first of a series entitled PINOY ICONS. A tribute to “12 Pinoy Icons” that were hand-picked ...