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Jun 2011
How are we doing?

It’s been a while since our last post. We must admit, being non-pro bloggers, it is easy for us to say “maybe next time we will post something here.”  Half the year is almost gone and yet we haven’t found the discipline to post regularly 🙁 Boo! Yet, like making life ...

Mar 2009
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The Problem of Being Green

Being a couch potato has its benefits, you get exposed to very relevant information. And by relevant information, we don’t mean the newest development in your favorite teleserye but we do mean things that can help save the planet. One of the more interesting shows in cable is Living with Ed. ...

Jan 2009
Our Cross to Bear

Navigating through the streets of Manila always brings a mixed sense of wonderment and dread. An accidental drive through Sta. Cruz and Binondo area reintroduced me to this historic area. But for all of its rich historical and cultural past, it couldn’t be saved and what remains is a grimy ...

Nov 2008
landscape architecture
Landscape Architects?

Historically Landscape architecture evolved for the basic reasons of sustainability – centuries ahead of this ‘Green Awareness’ and ‘the quest to save the planet Earth’ movement which brought about the institutionalized and systemic planning approaches of ...

Oct 2008
Forgotten Heritage: A look at Quiapo and its architecture, part 2

We acknowledge the fact of how much influence man exerts on his environment, how our personalities, ideologies and even our politics have shaped our homes and cities. But we neglect the part that it is also a two-way process—we are also shaped by the environment we have created ourselves. We ...