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Feb 2011
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Manila Now 2011

March, the most awaited month by architects, designers and builders are just around the corner. One more week and the month of design and construction expositions are here. Starting the line-up is Manila Now PIFS (Philippine International Furniture Shows) 2011. For over thirty years, the expo ...

Jan 2011
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Sexy Back (of a chair)

Spotted at Dexterton in Greenbelt 5–a chair too sexy to be just called a furniture. With a profile resembling the torso and legs either of a man or a woman, the chair is able to sit users comfortably. The chair, named Him and Her is a design by Casamania and comes glossy red, black and ...

May 2009
industrial design
Wear Your Chair

We found this “Chair Dress”–a chair fitted right in a women’s dress. The chair inflates itself as the wearer walks, then can be sat on comfortably for about 10 seconds until the chair deflates. This is pretty cool especially for those long shopping hours when you can ...

Apr 2009
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Manila FAME

After having seen such beautiful vignettes in the past years of one of our favorite design shows, this year’s show broke our hearts. The lobby was a bit too plain and the displays were not as mind-blowing as we hoped they will be. Is it because of the economic crisis or is it because we ...

Mar 2009
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Getting the Hang of It

No matter how cheery we think we are, let’s admit it, we all have our morbid fascinations. It’s like looking at gory accident scenes, that even if it makes us sick, we just need to take a peek. But how about having that sense of morbid right in your living room? Wouldn’t that ...