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Mar 2012
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United Buddy Bears

The United Buddy Bears  “promote living together in peace and harmony on their global tour. Around 140 Buddy Bears (each 2 m tall) represent as many countries recognized by the United Nations.” Since its first exhibition in Berlin (2002),  the bears have traveled and each time, ...

Oct 2011
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Manic Monday Inspiration

Just randomly looking for inspirations on the internet, we stumbled upon this very colorful home of Pilgrim Lee, a graphic designer based in Adelaide, Australia. We admire the fact that a lot of color and patterns are all nicely put together in combinations that prove to be charming and just ...

Sep 2011
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Weekend Design Getaway: Teatap Cafe

  In October last year, our dear friend Anthony So was churning out ideas for his new business venture. He had a name and tons of ideas of how the new cafe (he is also the man behind Kozui Green Tea) will be.  He even asked us to choose which lines we liked best and […]

Jul 2011
Art & Inspiration
5 Things You Need to Know About Trends

1 There is such a thing as a trend forecasting agency. 2.  Trends are ever-changing and ever evolving. 3.  Trends of the past are studied, adapted, used for inspiration and reinterpreted by modern-day designers. 4. Fashion trends are a reflection of the mood of the times. 5. To know fashion ...

Jul 2011
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"Pursue Knowledge, Discipline and Generosity"

“For almost the entire period of life on earth, the appearance of design has been driven differently. By random trial and error. Like a drunkard lumbering through a dark maze of passages, life has lurched its way forward.”   This was part of a speech from the founder of TED, ...