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Feb 2011
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Manila Now 2011

March, the most awaited month by architects, designers and builders are just around the corner. One more week and the month of design and construction expositions are here. Starting the line-up is Manila Now PIFS (Philippine International Furniture Shows) 2011. For over thirty years, the expo ...

Nov 2010
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Taiwan Tales

From Taipei 101, you can get on the train and find your way to the Longshan Temple Station. You are now in Taipei City’s oldest district, Wanhua District. Near the train station is the Longshan Temple (shown above) Taipei’s oldest temple.  While the architecture remains in tact, ...

Nov 2010
architecture, Travel by Design
Getting to Taipei 101

On the Bannan (Blue) Line of the MTR, stop at the Taipei City Hall Station and follow the signs. Taipei 101 is the world’s second tallest building. Towering above the city, it was designed to resemble a gigantic bamboo stalk and makes Taipei 101 impossible to miss. At 508 meters, the Taipei ...

Sep 2010
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Geek Stuff

We’ve decided to upload a special article on this blog especially for those who want to delve deeper into what Philippine architecture is all about, or at least in one of its aspects. It’s an academic paper that has been presented recently by one of your DOD editors in a conference ...

Mar 2010
Dutch Houses in the Philippines

Socialized housing has always been an interesting field. Architects and sociologists may have varying opinions on what is “livable.” As we love the charming Amsterdam houses, this story on a KLM Air France Village in Bagong Silang, Cavite took our fancy. “Each unit measures 20 ...