Sep 2016
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Chippendale Walking Tours

The Central Park is an award-winning piece of landscape architecture

Booked the  September installment of Explore Chippendale Historical Walking Tours of Destination Chippendale. It was enjoyable to explore the district while learning a bit about the heritage of Chippendale and its historical surroundings.

Here are some photos taken during the tour.


Tours begin at Kensington Contemporary which is right infront this gorgeous facade


Dutch buildings in Chippendale


The simple yet eye-popping paving design at the crossing between Myrtle House and the Peace Park


Map of Chippendale at the Peace Park


Indigo Slam, house of Judith Neilson, arguably Australia’s second richest woman

The good news is that they are doing a free Chippendale Gallery Walking Tour this October 1. Booking is essential, with an optional lunch for AUD25 at Kensington Street’s Alex Lee Kitchen. 

Find more information and book this tour here.

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