Jul 2016
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Remembering Chicago's Charm

While reading the social media feeds, the memory of Obama’s Lego figure at Legoland Discovery Center in Illinois, came to mind. I realized I have never posted about this trip that I did years ago, which I think is one of the best cities if you are into modern architecture.

Have a look at some of the photos from that trip. They are meant to give you a peek into the things you can do and see. High on the list are: Sky Deck and the River Tour.

Besides Obama, there was also Batman and Dr. Indiana Jones

Besides Obama, there was also Batman and Dr. Indiana Jones. Hopefully, they are still there. But it’s Legoland so it is generally a good idea to go and see.

Legoland Discover Cent

Legoland Discovery Center


The Cloud Gate


The city has well-designed open spaces

Corn cobs

These buildings that look like corn cobs, are part of the historically significant buildings. Take the river tour. It is one of the best tours if you are into architecture.


Quirky public art that people can interact with


The famous Sky Deck is a must


The Water Tower is the only building that survived the Chicago Fire of 1871

Wright Museum

House of the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright

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