Jun 2016
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Grand Canyon West

If you find yourself in Las Vegas, seeing the Grand Canyon is one of the popular day trips you can do. The closest would be the Grand Canyon West, which is managed by the Hualapai Tribe.

About two and half hours drive, it makes more sense to rent a car and drive if you are at least two people and pressed for time. If you take a packaged tour, you would generally have to give up a day as a lot of your time will be spent in picking up other guests and waiting. We finished our tour in 6 hours.

Relying on Google Maps, we got to the main entrance and purchased our tickets there. You can also enter your location here for directions on how to get there. You can also pre-purchase here but the price is the same, about USD50 per person as entry fee.

If you would like to do the Sky Walk, it is about a USD20 top up but you cannot take your phone and cameras. They will sell you the photo packages separately, a whopping USD65 (excluding taxes) for the digital copies to be mailed to you.

Once you get there, you will be directed to the parking area where you will have to leave your car. Then you have to purchase your ticket and get on the authorized buses that ply the area. There are 3 major stops: a ranch, the Skywalk area (Eagle Point), and the Guano point.


The rock formation looks like an eagle, with its wings spread out, hence the name Eagle Point

Well-built tourist facilities are in place

Well-built tourist facilities are in place

Whether you pay for the Sky Walk or not, you get the same view

Whether you pay for the Skywalk or not, you get the same view, almost

The additional USD20 will let you walk on that semi-circle path which has a glass floor so you can look down on the river below. To see more of the Skywalk, check this page out.

Guano Cafe

Guano Cafe


Guano Point

We stayed the most time at Guano Point

We stayed the most time at Guano Point as you can walk around and or up that pile of rocks

TIP: They give out free bottled water at each stop so you don’t have to pay that USD2.50 for a drink at the food/beverage outlets at every stop. It is also okay to bring your own food.

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  1. Wanderlad says:

    What a picturesque view and obviously it’s a little bit sunny, how was the temperature in Grand Canyon?

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