Jan 2011
DIY Design
DIY Friday: Stuffed Toy Bookends

Veder, the son of Pauline, has just been to the zoo. He’s growing a bit fast and he may be losing interest in some of his stuffed toys.  If you are in this situation already, you may either give them away or find another use for them specially if they are just too special you want them to stay in your baby’s room forever! Here is our little DIY solution—turn them into bookends!

We really love these bookends from http://www.laylagrayce.com


A stuffed toy at least 6 inches tall

Empty plastic container that can fit into the stuffed toy

Sand or small pebbles

Blade or scissors

Needle and thread



  1. Carefully slit open the bottom of the stuffed toy.
  2. Fill the empty container with sand or pebbles. Seal.
  3. Take out enough filling to have space for the plastic container inside the toy.
  4. Place the container inside the stuffed toy’s body and refill the empty spaces with the filling. Make sure that the stuffed toy can “sit properly” without falling down on its face or back.
  5. Sew the bottom nicely.

Note: You can make two different kinds of bookends and it will still work. They will just look like toys sitting at each end.


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