Nov 2010
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Getting to Taipei 101

On the Bannan (Blue) Line of the MTR, stop at the Taipei City Hall Station and follow the signs.

Taipei 101 is the world’s second tallest building. Towering above the city, it was designed to resemble a gigantic bamboo stalk and makes Taipei 101 impossible to miss. At 508 meters, the Taipei International Financial Centre 101’s crown was toppled by the Burj of Dubai. It still, however, holds several records.

Taipei 101 offers breathtaking views and is a manifestation of the wonders of engineering. With a pressure-controlled lift that travels at 1010 meters per minute and takes 40 seconds to get from ground level to the 89th floor observation deck, it also still holds the record for having the world’s fastest elevator. Its construction began in 1997 and the exterior was completed in 2003.

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