Sep 2009
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Maison et Objet Indoor_Outdoor 2009

Color Trends: Orange and Fiery Pink

It was Sept 5. The weather was “perfect” as the Europeans described it. It was sunny and cool at the same time. Paris Nord Villepinte was packed. After a few international trade shows this year, this was a pleasant surprise. The exhibition was huge and vibrant, with brands like Gloster, Kettal,  and (surprise!) Fendi. A lot of whites traditionally used for the indoors but in this show, on many outdoor furniture and accessories. The theme was bringing the indoors–the comfort and style—to the outdoors!

Later, went to Lamorlaye, a darn pretty village in northern France. It was a short drive from Radisson SAS (near the Charles de Gaulle) about 30 minutes. The drive was leisurely, with tall, slender trees far and near. Really lovely!

Modern apartments of Lamorlaye at daybreak

P.S. This is totally unrelated to Paris but Pauline just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, 7.11 lb bundle of joy. Congratulations to Serge and Pauline.

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