Feb 2009
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The IDEAS Festival
A walk at Southbank, Queensland

A walk at Southbank, Queensland

The Ideas Festival was started in 2001 to present ideas, promote public debate, and to foster and celebrate innovation. This year, the Festival is proudly presented by the Queensland Government as part of the Q150 celebrations, with Griffith University as a major sponsor.

The Ideas Festival covers a broad range covering five streams of IDEAS: I– nvention and innovation, D– evelopment and design, E– cology and ethics, A-ction and advocacy, S-elf and society.  New ideas, old ideas in new manifestations and the exchange of ideas across sector, across industry, across generations and across the room make this fest.

The Festival presents local, national and international speakers, alongside thinkers, doers, makers and observers. It aims to  to provide Queenslanders with access to and exposure to diverse ideas; present, celebrate and debate the quality ideas and inventive work of government, business, academia and community; and promote Queensland locally, nationally and internationally as an innovative, diverse and forward thinking place.

For more information on the festival, log on to www.ideasfestival.com.au. We loved the flash video created by artist Sue Loveday of the Brisbane design studio, Designfront, using found objects.

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