Jan 2009
architecture, top picks
The future's definitely bright...


if we were to judge it by the first ever volume of Design+Discourse, a compilation of theses by the graduating batch of UP College of Architecture. Edited by architect and professor Gerard Lico, this volume presents the works of some of the brightest and promising architecture students from the university. Each thesis proposal is coupled with description and comes fully illustrated for good measure.

Some of the works by students David Ty and his proposed design for a Martial Law Memorial brings politics and design to an entirely different level and makes it truly personal, or Francis Lanuza’s proposal for a modern health facility that offers traditional massage (hilot) and alternative methods of healing is a clever integration of innovation and culture. And if this is the prospect of what our architectural landscape will be in the next few years, then we’re definitely up for it.

Design+Discourse is available at all National Bookstore Outlets.

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