Jan 2009
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architectura_editedReminiscing and reverie usually accompanies the New Year. As much as we try to look forward to the year ahead, we invariably look to the past to gain insights, or just to relive the wonderful and maybe even the not-so-wonderful moments. So we just thought it fitting here in Drunk on Design to feature a new book that takes you back in history, up to the present and perhaps even to the future of global architecture.

But Architectura: Elements of Architectural Style is more than just your average history book. It dissects what we call architecture, both in definition and the very elements that visually and physically define it. Walls, roofs, windows, doors, stairs and ornamentation, to name a few, are subjected to study and critique as we look at them from both a historical and cultural context.

But what’s wonderful about this book is that it refrains from the usual approach that most architectural books that deal both in concept and history take—that is from a Western perspective, and limiting it to architectural typologies of the West.  Architecture, vernacular and otherwise, from Asia and Africa are well represented in this book.

Architectura, also goes on further to include articles on iconic pieces of architecture such as the Parthenon, the Paris Opera, the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Italy, the Great Mosque of Djenne in Syria and the Hagia Sophia in Turkey.  Iconic architects, too, get the spotlight as Kenzo Tange , Glenn Murcutt, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Frank Gehry get their turns in this real page turner.

With over 600 photographs in full color and wonderfully-written articles, this heavyweight of a book (and we mean that in more ways than one), is a must-have for any lover of architecture, history, or if you simply wanna learn more about the great stuff

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