Dec 2008
industrial design, interior design
Tune-in Chair

There is more to a chair than just a piece to sit on. Brijit Reano and Joyce Caguicla , students of Mapua’s Interior Design program prove just that. They give the term “just sitting around” a whole new perspective.

Named “Tune-in Chair”, their piece submitted as a culminating project for their furniture design class is an ottoman, chair and speakers all rolled into one powerhouse furniture. Pull up the blue part of the seat and the chair back locks into place. Retract the chair back again, and you get a comfortable ottoman. Attach your ipod or mp3 players to the speakers, then there is no need to use those earphones.

The “Tune-in Chair”, other furniture prototypes and dorm room design exhibit are on show at “Room for Rent” at the MC Home Depot in Fort Bonifacio until December 27. Check out the works of the interior designers of our future.


tune-in chair


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