Dec 2008
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Abaca Resort
Dafal loungers line the poolside

Dafal loungers line the poolside

There are certain reasons why Cebu is a favorite for many, locals and foreigners alike. One of the fancier reasons would be to stay in any of its luxury resorts like Abaca Resort where one finds a restaurant, a spa, a pool, and access to the sea. Abaca is ultra-exclusive, uber private and prides itself for being a sanctuary.

What is amusing, though, is that right next to Abaca is the Microtel Inns and Suites which has whiter, and finer sand. While the brand is Microtel, this particular hotel followed the boutique route and is actually a full service hotel. We were just wondering why not have this hotel in a different brand name since previous Microtel Inns and Suites already have established a different position? We were just wondering. But this Microtel is really, for the lack of words, nice.

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