Nov 2008
landscape architecture
Landscape Architects?

Historically Landscape architecture evolved for the basic reasons of sustainability – centuries ahead of this ‘Green Awareness’ and ‘the quest to save the planet Earth’ movement which brought about the institutionalized and systemic planning approaches of ‘alternative energies’, LEED certification, green buffer zones, green revolution, and environmental consciousness to the effects of pollution and the ‘quality of air and water, save the whale, save the planet, save the trees, organic, nature, etc.etc.

We, the Landscape Architects are the gatekeeper of the landscape environment, the mechanic of the ecosystem and the creator of a balanced and environmentally sustainable human creation of the ‘paradise of Eden’.

Ebenezer Howard or Frederick Law Olmstead had envisioned a professional alter-ego of the architect’s monstrosity of stone and steel structures that had engulfed humanity and devoid its humanly existence from nature and thus the appreciation of the ‘gardens’ and the ‘eastern culture and value system in close association with nature forming the basic elements of landscape architecture.

The evolution of landscape architecture as a science and art of nature and human creativity that has brought about the ‘Green’ concept and has made the scientific community’s efforts and awareness much easier in conveying to the public the forthcoming global environmental crisis – caused by the excesses of human activities and ‘architecture’ .

Global warming aside from the hazardous gasses emitted into the upper layer of the planets ‘atmospheric shield’ is also caused by the reflectivity of human shelters, road networks and a ‘sea of paved areas’ generating a reflected heating of the underside of the ‘reflective shield’ and defleting the ‘living giving air mix’ essential for healthy life froms.

The Landscape Architect is the only profession that is qualified to universally understand this environmental sensitivity to the delicate balance of nature and the existence of living forms of the planet.

PALA has to make this statement and a presentation of the professional role of the landscape architect in the man-made environment, the creator of a balanced human expression of nature and architecture.

Nat John G Duenas

(This entry is being reposted here with permission from Landscape Architect Nat Duenas, who wrote this in line with a lecture on landscape architecture’s sustainable design principles via the PALA yahoogroup. For more information on the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects (PALA), check out www.pala.org.ph)

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