Oct 2008
Bold Move

Ever wondered what a bicycle shop is doing at the front of the PSID building in Pasong Tamo, Makati City?

For its 41st anniversary, the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) gives its students the gift of a new building. Named Asian Institute of Art and Design (AIAD), it is now located along Bayani St. at The Fort in Taguig. The structure combines the timeless appeal of a hotel and the functionality of an institution. Modern lines and streamlined proportions dominate the overlook of the interiors of all three floors of the new building, indeed a bold move from the old cramped PSID building.

PSID now becomes one of the components of the bigger AIAD. The other component, Specialized Arts Center of the Philippines (SACP), offers courses designed for artists and the craftsman. Courses under this school include Decorative Painting and Faux finishes, Lighting Design and Allied Specialty Courses, Visual Merchandising, Events Management, and other short term programs.

So the bike shop is there because PSID is moving. About time, we say.

For more information, log on to http://www.mb.com.ph/issues/2008/09/24/YTCP20080924136137.html.

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