Oct 2008
DIY Design
Page Turners

Scrapbooking is more than just keeping memories, it’s also a way of putting your own creative stamp on the stories you weave on every page of your scrapbook. Here in the Philippines although thriving, the making of the scrapbooks themselves, or handmade books, as crafters call it, have been largely an unsung craft. And the crafters remain unknown, the people who create these wonderful canvasses for people to indulge their creativity.
We look at Cat Gambito and Marnie Villajuan, both artists and crafters who periodically churn out these wonderful books. We’re posting a few pages of their collage notebooks to give you crafters out there ideas to snazzy up your favorite scrapbook projects.

For ideas or to simply connect with other crafters, visit their site, the artistic adventures of scott and portis at www.scottandportis.blogspot.com

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