Sep 2008
DIY Design
Votive Holder

Mosaic or tesserae lamps are perfect for dressing up the table. Choosing tiles in a motif that would match an occasion, they are one of those hand-made gifts that will surely be appreciated.

Tesserae is the term used to describe the glass tiles or fragments used in mosaic (a single tile is called a tessera). You can use the same materials on any glass container. Just make sure that the glass is thick enough to carry the weight of the tiles and the grout and that it is big enough to put a votive in.


Clear glass tumbler with smooth surface
Glass tiles (enough to cover tumbler)*
Clear silicone adhesive**
Premixed grout**
Tea lights or votive candles**

* From SM Homeworld
**From Ace Hardware

Thoroughly wash and dry tumbler. Calculate the number of tiles for the circumference.

  1. Begin securing tiles by starting at the bottom using clear silicone to stick the tesserae to the glass surface. Space the horizontal rows evenly as this will determine placement of the vertical lines of tiles. Allow silicone adhesive to dry.

Apply liberal amounts of premixed grout. Work the grout into all the crevices.

Carefully wipe with a damp sponge to smoothen surface and remove excess. Leave to dry.

[Published in Mommy Academy’s Art and Culture issue]

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