Sep 2008
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Designs Like Honey

Kenneth Cobonpue without question has gotten designing down pat. So much so, that he has achieved a celebrity status in the world of design. His furniture pieces are found in the homes of the rich and the famous and have received wide critical acclaim.
And with the measure of success he has achieved, he’s well doing it again through the Hive—a collective of designers and artists that he established in 2001, right in the shores of Cebu. Their designs of home accessories are not only meant to complement Kenneth’s furniture lines but are also hoped to launch the careers of its designers, some of whom have been flying below the radar prior to joining the Hive.
And just like Kenneth, their works are an impressive lot, considering that some of the designers are novices themselves. Now, being marketed under the brand, Hive, their works have already found their way into the international market through select stores worldwide, showcasing the wealth of talent we have in the Philippines. Kudos to Kenneth and his team for showing the creative strength of our designers that the world is soon to reckon with.
(Our special thanks to Kenneth Cobonpue and Christy Manguerra for the photos posted here.)

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